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  • What Is God Number 777?
    Numerology is the branch of knowledge that deals with the significance of numbers. In religion numerology plays a significant part. One significant is the God number. The God number this article is exploring is the number 777 which is found in various religions and other traditions. 777 in Judaism In Judaism, for example, the number […]
  • What Are The Master Numbers?
    There are 3 Master numbers and they are 11, 22 and 33. These are Master numbers not because they consist of double digit of the same single digits. For the same reason 44, 55, 66 are not Master numbers (This stand is debatable). As such simply repeating any single digit number twice does not make […]
  • Personality Numbers and Their Meanings
    When it comes to personality, no two people are exactly alike. Trying to understand our own personality and others will help in working and connecting well with others. The science of personality are many and one of it is numerology. Numerology is ancient, almost 3000 years ago. It is a quest by the great mind […]
  • Personality Number 9
    One of the most controversial of all personality types is numerology personality number 9. Many people will love and admire the but equivalently there are also others who despise them. Many actors and musicians are personality number nine. Let’s take a closer look into this personality. Their Positive Attributes All the good bits – Attractive, […]
  • Personality Number 8
    The meaning of number 8 in Numerology represents rebirth, renewal, regeneration, characterizing working people who know how to manage and who make any kind of sacrifice for what they believe. They are demanding and ambitious. This figure is associated with prosperity and victory, power and financial management. Thus, the person of number 8 always seeks […]
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