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Personality Number 2


This post, we continue with understanding personality numbers and in this post in number 2. According to numerology, personality number 2 are affected by the moon and matter close to their hearts is diplomacy.


Positive Attributes

A strong attribute of numerology personality number 2 is their sense of balance to everything. They can able to an issue from all angles and sides. Thus they always look for a harmonious and diplomatic outcome in all situations.

We all had experienced the unsettling feeling when there are quarrels, and bickering. It is unsettling and causing a lot of anger in the parties involved. It is here that No 2 comes in as they are excellent mediators. They are very understanding and diplomatic. Couple with their intuitive and understanding nature, all these represent their strength in mediating disputes of all sorts.

Naturally, when people are seeking for advice, they will often go to them, the number 2 personality. So it is no surprise when at times they became very philosophical. Perhaps this comes useful as a natural mediator.

So with all the positive attributes above, Number 2s are well-liked by all. That is probably why people are attracted to a number 2 as they make great friend or relationships. And the reason for that is that when they deal with others, they are very tactful, caring and loving. Sometimes because of this, it ends up being detriment of themselves.

Negative Attributes

Number 2 personality often suffer from the fear of making a mistake, fear being alone, are submissive to others and might have low self-esteem.

Due to their lack of self confidence, making decisions can be difficult. This difficulty can become so bad that, they can become physically sick when trying to do so. And this can lead them to be easily exploited by others. Thus they must realized that they should overcome such indecisiveness and self-doubt to succeed in life.

Another issue with Number 2s is they are pessimistic. Thus small issues have a larger effect on them compared to other personality numbers. As such they tend o lose hope over these small issues. This is one negative traits that they should learn to overcome.

Laziness is next, number 2 tend to end up being lazy. Hence because of this, it keeps number 2s from realizing and reaching their full potential and tend to end up with insecurity of wealth.. They dislike or had the inability to do work that are routine. Perhaps this is due to being lazy. So, they must buckled up and start having a good work ethic. Not only this is good for them when they are under employment of others but also for themselves if they are self employed.

The difficulty for them in making decision can cause health issues for numerology number 2 personalities. The health issues are digestive or stomach related. Not only that, they may also have sleeping problems (insomnia) and issues related to the nervous system.

Suitable Careers

As number 2s have a sense of balance, then careers of creativity is where they can thrive. Hence endeavors involving music, painting, various arts, writing fiction, poetry, and plays are all suitable for a number 2 personality.

Number 2s thrive where there is creativity and a sense of balance. They do well in creative careers. Music, painting, art of many kinds and writing fiction, poetry, or plays are all worthwhile endeavors for a number 2 personality.


As written above,numerology number 2 personalities seek balance, peace and harmony. So for them, achieving equilibrium is very important. However, they must learn to make decisions for themselves even if this is a difficult process for them. On the other hand, number 2s are creative and also make great friends and relationships. Off course, we must be aware that many numbers are involved in defining a personality of a person. But by and large, number 2 personalities are as those discussed above.

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