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Personality Number 8

The meaning of number 8 in Numerology represents rebirth, renewal, regeneration, characterizing working people who know how to manage and who make any kind of sacrifice for what they believe. They are demanding and ambitious. This figure is associated with prosperity and victory, power and financial management.

Thus, the person of number 8 always seeks prestige, driven by a legitimate ambition, based on ethical sense and justice. Do you want to know more about the people represented by this number?

Personality number 8

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Personality No 8 Positive traits

In short – Ambitious, Determined, Driven, Energetic and Good organizational skills.

They are very capable, smart and efficient individuals. They have the uncanny ability to see the larger picture better or before others.

They tend to appear strong and powerful. They have an dominating personality and can influence and even intimidate. Due to their air of natural authority, competence and enthusiasm, these too can attract others to them.

They can be spontaneous and excited too as they are essentially warm and jovial. They are really want in their hearts that everyone to be as excited and as happy as them. Those who are around a number 8 often sense this. Their fellow colleagues and employees usually like them.

They like to be impressive, dress as successful people and so insist on high quality craftsmanship and fabrics.

Negatives traits of Personality Number 8

In-short they are Bossy, Demanding, Materialistic and Superiority complex

Their Achilles heel is having an egocentric attitude. The negative side of their personality can cause them to be ruthless, greedy and these which can attracts others can also turns people off/away, resulting them to be lonely…very lonely.

Their determination and single-mindedness in pursuing their goals can make others see them as very demanding, difficult and bossy.

The need to feel superior to others can really alienate others. So they should take care to curb this characteristic and try to have some understanding and sympathy to others view points.

Careers for No 8s

They are impartial, cool and can control and manage any possible problems due to their inborn endurance and stamina.

Besides overcoming challenges and obstacles they like to prove others they are capable of that. So the field of finance, business or politics will be suitable for them.

They make a great employee and have excellent organizational skills and will do everything they can to make the company successful. They are a company’s best asset.

They love nothing better than a challenge to stretch their mind and mental capacities which they normally can succeed.


They have all the right characteristics to really succeed and make themselves very financially stable.

They place material advantages being more important than emotional or spiritual riches but they need to remember the other aspects in life, like their family.

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