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Personality Numbers and Their Meanings

When it comes to personality, no two people are exactly alike. Trying to understand our own personality and others will help in working and connecting well with others. The science of personality are many and one of it is numerology. Numerology is ancient, almost 3000 years ago. It is a quest by the great mind of Pythagoras in seeking to understand a person’s personality through numbers. In numerology, the numbers that apply to understand a person’s personality is known as personality numbers.

personality numbers

Personality numerology applies the name of an individual in order to come up with a certain number form 1 to 9. Each of this number correspond to a certain profile. This is done by applying the alphabetical letters in each name is then assigned a numeric value after which all numbers are added together to come up with a singular number. Besides personality number, numerology also looks at things such as a person’s date of birth to obtain a more accurate assessment.

Personality Number Analysis

Personality Numbers Analysis – These values range from 1 to 9. Let’s take a short look at each.

If your personality numerology number is 1, you are considered to be a self-assured and aggressive individual who love and never back down from a challenge. You are also a great conversationalist on almost any topics of the day.

Number 2, you special strength are imaginative, idealistic, gentle and you love nature as well as any art form that allows you to express your creativity. In any conflict, you strive to remain neutral.

If you are a number 3, you almost always seem to be in the right place at the right time hence an opportunistic and lucky individual.

If you are a number 4, you do not like taking risks, and your place a big premium on your home, safety and following the rules. You are mature, stable and a dependable lover.

A number 5, you are unconventional and always seem to be able to land on your feet any time. You are fun-loving, spontaneous and an adventurous lover.

If you are a number 6, you are very creative as well as intelligent and have great taste. People will approach you to solve problems that require a bit of logic.

If you are a number 7, you are mysterious, pensive and introverte. You also are able to gather the right people for get together events. You also have the ability to read the motives of others.

If you’re an 8, you are ambitious to the point of almost being ruthless. You seem to ride every successful wave to its completion and you are able to see trends.

If your personality number is 9, you are also a born leader and can achieve a lot as long as you a given the right platform. You are compassionate, loving, spiritual and harmony-seeking. You are charming, magnetic and have an inner confidence that is enviable.


These personality numbers are a guide to help you to figure out your personality strengths in order to assist you in your daily undertakings.

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